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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Epcot - Thursday

Today we went to Epcot on our own.  It was the first time that we visited a Disney park by ourselves and also the first time that Rich and the kids had been to Epcot.  It was another unbearably hot day but we made the most of it.


disney 2011 233 disney 2011 243

Tinkerbelle is Kathryn’s favorite character.  She has been obsessed with her since she was 2 (5 years and counting!).  The girls informed me prior to the trip that they were too old to dress in Princess costumes this trip but Kathryn still wanted to look like Tinkerbelle.  We found her a new shirt (she already has about 8 Tink shirts) and experimented until we figured out how to do ‘tink hair’.

disney 2011 235 disney 2011 238 

We rode a few rides and then headed out to find Tink.  It turns out that she is only available for meet and greets for a very short period of time.  We got into line at 9:40 for an 11 meeting.  After 2 more people got in line behind us they closed the line and said from that time, people could line up for the 1pm meet!  They only allowed about 20 people in each line too!  For any other character, I would have convinced the kids to skip it but knowing how special Tink is to Kath, we waited.  I sent Rich, Lauren and Zack off to do something else and they came back about an hour later.  It was hot in that line! 

disney 2011 252disney 2011 254disney 2011 257

Kathryn was a great sport and soon it was our turn.  It was well worth the wait because we got nearly 10 minutes one-on-one with Tinkerbelle!  She talked about her fairy friends, and ‘Tinkered’ around the forest.disney 2011 267disney 2011 275Photo0165FourBySix




As we left that area, I pulled Kathryn aside and with tears in my eyes I asked her if she enjoyed her special time with Tinkerbelle.  At this point big, fat happy tears started to fall.  I went on to talk about how special Tink is to her and how exciting this moment was for me to watch blah, blah, blah.  By now, I was really crying.  I gave her a hug and asked her if this was the most special moment to date in her life.  She shrugged and said “yeah, it was cool”.    I can’t believe what a dork I was.  LOL

disney 2011 244 disney 2011 245 disney 2011 249     

Zack and I found a spot in the shade while Rich and the girls rode Test Track.  He was quite entertained with the Pez that I had packed.

disney 2011 282 disney 2011 283

We cooled off in the sprinklers before heading to Mexico for lunch.

disney 2011 288 disney 2011 290 disney 2011 292 disney 2011 294 disney 2011 299 disney 2011 300 Photo0201FourBySix

In Japan, Lauren did ‘pick a pearl’ and got a gorgeous gray pearl.  disney 2011 316


In Morocco we cooled off with a delicious slush.

disney 2011 319 disney 2011 326

In France, I treated myself to a Gran Marnier Lemonade Slush.  It was FANTASTIC!

disney 2011 333 disney 2011 335  disney 2011 337 disney 2011 346 disney 2011 361 disney 2011 364 disney 2011 373 disney 2011 388 

The kids loved Epcot and they can’t wait to go back and see more!   

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Magic Kingdom Wednesday

Wednesday was another day at the Magic Kingdom.  We were up early and arrived at the park about 10 minutes after rope drop.  We had to wait for the rest of the family to arrive so we checked out the new Mickey and Minnie meet and greet at Exposition Hall.  They offer fast passes but since it was so early there was only a 5 minute wait.  The magic theme is awesome and we loves the special time that we got to spend with the Big Mouse!

disney 2011 003 disney 2011 004 disney 2011 005 disney 2011 010 Photo0013FourBySixFrom there we went back to the front and go in line to meet the Princesses.  Once again, only a 5 minute wait!  disney 2011 020 disney 2011 031 disney 2011 032 - Copy Photo0103FourBySixZack loved Belle and didn’t want to stop hugging her.


From there we headed down Main St. 

 disney 2011 035 - Copy - CopyPhoto0130FourBySix

We came upon the Mayor of Main St. and we was a wonderfully kind man who talked with us for quite a while.disney 2011 042 - Copy (2)

We met up with our family member at the castle and got a wonderful picture on our matching shirts.   disney 2011 256

Photo0137FourBySix Photo0139FourBySix

I don’t think that I showed the shirts yet, did I?  My family is not a matchy-matchy kind of group but I wanted special shirts for one day and they all agreed.  I think that they came out great, what do you think?  I had at least 6 people stop me that day and ask me where we got the shirts so that they could buy their own.  My family joked that I should made handed out business cards.  LOL

Here are close-ups of the front and backs.

disney 2011 045 - Copy disney 2011 264disney 2011 069


We spent the morning riding rides.  Despite being one of the busiest times of the year we really didn’t wait in many lines.  We planned the days loosely with a touring plan, we arrived at the parks right when they opened and we relied heavily on fast passes.  I think that the longest line all week was no more than 15 minutes!!!!  disney 2011 052  disney 2011 070 disney 2011 072 disney 2011 075   disney 2011 282 disney 2011 337disney 2011 098 disney 2011 109disney 2011 108disney 2011 145disney 2011 146

We left the park after the 3pm parade to get out of the heat.  We swam in our pool for a few hours and then went back at night.We stayed until closing!

disney 2011 415 disney 2011 416    

Lauren really wanted a hair wrap so she used her money to buy it for herself.  Kathryn tried on more hats while we waited!  LOL disney 2011 147 disney 2011 149 disney 2011 150 disney 2011 151 disney 2011 154

We managed to get an amazing spot for the light show on the castle as well as the fireworks.  We bought the kids each a Mickey ice cream bar but since it was still in the upper 90’s they melted faster than they could eat them.  Thank goodness for baby wipes!  LOL

disney 2011 158 disney 2011 175 disney 2011 183 disney 2011 184 disney 2011 206 disney 2011 212 disney 2011 218 disney 2011 219 disney 2011 220 disney 2011 221 disney 2011 227

We left the park at about 11:30.  Lauren and Kathryn were both pooped and begged to ride in the stroller.  They both promptly fell asleep.  Notice their 3year old brother walking out while his big sisters slept!

disney 2011 231