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Thursday, January 10, 2008


Kathryn is 3 and is growing up so fast. Kathryn has an amazing imagination. I was reminded of this a few days ago when she confided in me that her imaginary school was in fact made up something she has since denied ever saying. This blog entry is dedicated to my creative, smart and beautiful middle child as she is growing up before my eyes.

When her older sister started preschool almost 18 months ago Kathryn announced that she to was starting school. According to Kathryn, Green school is a place just for kids with no teachers allowed. Kids eat cookies and candy and drink water and juice all day long. To get there you take a boat and then once you have to go up a ladder and go in a door on top of the roof. Next to Green School is Freckles Donuts where they only serve strawberry and chocolate raspberry donuts. Each kids is given 5 donuts a day. Kids play with grown up stuff like art, tinkerbell toys and out on the playground. Do you know what color the playground is? pink and there is a hot tub and a pool out on the playground too.

Kathryn's best friend at Green School is Flower. 'Flower the kid' is not to be confused with the flowers that grow outside of Freckles Donuts. Flower lives far away at Disney World but she flies to green school daily. Flower likes to do art with Kathryn and eat donuts too.

Kathryn also has her own words.
Favorite food: Rock-a-molie aka guacamole
Where does Gramma work? Cinnamens Bank aka Citizen's Bank
Who is your favorite cousin? William pronounced like Willy-um
What do you order when we eat out? hang-a-burger aka hamburger
Bull-ufallo is a buffalo
Kathryn's favorite candy? emma-emms

Here are a few of my favorite Kathryn stories from the past few months that I shared on on my scrapbooking board:

#1 The girls and I were dancing around the house to Christmas songs and Blue Christmas by Elvis comes on. After it ended I asked the girls if they knew what Blue Christmas meant and just got blank stares so I went on to explain what it meant. Kathryn then said that I was wrong. She says that Elvis is sad because his girlfriend ran off to the dump and won't come back home. I have no idea where she got this idea but she is so insistent that her version is correct that it was cracking me up. I should tell you that bringing the trash to the dump with Daddy is one of her favorite things to do.

#2 Kathryn asked me if she could have some of my alligator juice. It took me a second and then I started to laugh. She was referring to my Gatorade. I love it when they make up their own words at this age.

#3 One day Kathryn just would not stop talking. Her Daddy asked her to stop for a minute and be quiet. Kathryn replied "I want to stop talking but the words just keep coming out of my mouth".

#4 One morning recently Kathryn burst into my bedroom and made an announcement:

K: I'm gonna wear muffins today.

me (just waking up): huh?

K: I'm gonna wear muffins today.

me (chuckling a bit but still not understanding): you are going to wear a muffin to school?

K (frustrated with me): It's cold out so I am going to wear my ear muffins

me (totally cracking up now and finally getting it): Ohhhh, you mean ear muffs

K (not appreciating the humor): I like to call them ear muffins and it is NOT funny.

That kid cracks.me.up

#5 Everyone who knows Kathryn knows that she ALWAYS hungry. Where she puts all of that food I will never know but Kathryn is always 'a whole lotta hungry'.

In order to get inside Kathryn's head I asked her the following interview questions:

Favorite color: purple and pink
Favorite food: strawberries
Favorite toy: anything tinkerbell
Favorite tv show: Curious George
Favorite movie: high school musical
Favorite song: anything Hannah Montana or HSM
What do you like best about school? playing
What do you like best about your family? hmm, i don't know
Favorite thing to do with your family? play games
What do you want to be when you grow up? Ariel the little mermaid
Do you want to be a Mommy someday? "no, I said I want to be a mermaid".
Favorite Ice Cream: strawberry
Animal: monkeys and skunks
My best Friend is flower and Ellie because they are nice

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Melissa said...

She really is one of a kind, which makes me love her even more. :-) I can't wait to read Lauren-isms next.