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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Blog Challenge #9 day 1

Blog Challenge #9


This week, my challenge to you is to blog one thing, each day, that has brought a smile to your face. Could be something as simple as the first bloom of spring, a silly comment from a child, or a blessing you've received. As I read through the prayer requests on ScrapShare, many of us are facing what seem to be insurmountable odds. I've had a hard time recently focusing on the joys in my life and have been letting our problems bring me down. I'm not suggesting we ignore issues; rather, let's find a piece of joy in each day.

I had lots of things to smile about today. The weather was finally warm enough for a walk outside. The girls and I walked and talked for quite a while. They are as excited about the arrival of spring as I am. The other thing that brought joy to my day today was watching Zachary interact with his sisters. He just adores Lauren and Kathryn and thinks that they are hysterical. He may be a Mommy's boy but he saves his extra special smiles and laughs for his sisters. His giggles this morning were just what I needed.

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