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Friday, April 4, 2008

Blog Challenge #9 day 2

Blog Challenge #9
This week, my challenge to you is to blog one thing, each day, that has brought a smile to your face. Could be something as simple as the first bloom of spring, a silly comment from a child, or a blessing you've received. As I read through the prayer requests on ScrapShare, many of us are facing what seem to be insurmountable odds. I've had a hard time recently focusing on the joys in my life and have been letting our problems bring me down. I'm not suggesting we ignore issues; rather, let's find a piece of joy in each day.
Despite the cold, rainy weather today was another good day. I think that just knowing that spring is around the corner is helping my outlook even though Spring still hasn't arrived.
Today I realized that I owed a friend some picture of Zack wearing an outfit that she sent to him so we had a mini photo session. Despite being cranky from getting his 6 month vaccinations this morning I think that they turned out pretty good. I dare you to look at these pictures without smiling yourself, this little guy has an infectious smile.

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