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Friday, May 16, 2008

Spring Thing in Texas

I am blessed to have made friends all over the country, no the world thanks to my scrapbooking community. I know that it will sound silly to those of you who don't belong to an online community but I feel like I know many of these women without ever even laying eyes on them. Our corner of the internet is dedicated to scrapbooking but we chat about so much more. These women have been with me though the birth of my children, Kathryn's burns as a toddler, a difficult pregnancy and then when I lost Alex. We have shared many joys as well. When I was too afraid to tell anyone in 'real life' that I was pregnant again I shared my secret with these women first. I have walked with them through divorces, weddings, struggles with cancer, new jobs and just about every other important life milestone that you can think of.

They are much more than strangers on the internet. I am proud to call many of them my friends. I have had the opportunity to meet several of them in New England and New York during scrapbooking weekends called retreats. A retreat is a chance to get away from everyday life and focus on scrapbooking. I am able to take off my Mommy hat and get some much needed 'me' time. There is also great conversation, fantastic food and total relaxation. I had the opportunity to travel to Texas a few weeks ago for a scrapbooking retreat thanks to a very special friend. She opened her home to me the night before and the night after the retreat and showed me all around her wonderful city. I cannot wait to return.

Anyway, I flew into Ft. Worth Texas with one of my best friends from home. We quickly changed and headed to Fuzzy's Taco Shop for one of the best fajitas that I have ever had. I tasted the tacos too and they were out of this world as well.

We spent the afternoon road tripping to a scrapbooking store and then back to The Fort Worth Stock Yards for dinner at Riscky's Steakhouse.

The next morning Stacy's husband treated us to a wonderful brunch before we headed off to start our weekend

A visit to Stacy's house wouldn't be complete without a picture on the famous porch swing

Would you believe that we had so much stuff (and rain was in the forecast) that one woman rented a U-Haul trailer for us?

We made a pit stop in Waco to meet little Joshua

We stopped at the Little Czech Bakery for some fantastic baked goods.

I couldn't help but take this gross picture of all of the dead bugs. This photo does not even do it justice.

We arrived!

It was time to set up for the weekend. This was my table for the weekend.

I had Sonic for the first time. Yummy! I loved the Lemonberry slush!

Melissa and I

Bicycle fence on the property

Group photo


Laurie said...

How much fun is that?!?!

i'm SOOOO JEALOUS! I want to come next time! ;-) laurie

Lee said...

GREAT pics, Sarah! Isn't Texas fantastic ;)