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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

catch up (again)

Ugh, I hate that I only post in spurts. I post every few days for a while and then I don't post for nearly a month. I am really trying to work on this.

We had a fantastic time camping in Gloucester on Memorial Day weekend. It was fantastic to catch up with Kate and the boys. We miss them so much while they are living in Dublin. Zack did fantastic on the beach for the first time.

This past weekend we took our second camping trip of the year. We stayed in NH this time and went to Pawtuckaway State Park. While the park is beautiful there were just too many bugs for my liking. The girls and Zack are just covered in bites. Gypsy caterpillars were in abundance too. I was never so happy to be in my own bed on Sunday night.

Zack took to the water like a fish. The weather was in the 90's on both Saturday and Sunday so we spent most of our time in the lake. We couldn't get that little boy out of the water. He is going to be so much fun this summer.

The next week is going to be a blur. Tomorrow is field day at the preschool. Thursday is Lauren's last day of school and I have organized a picnic with her classmates at a local playground right after school. Kathryn's last day is on Friday and then we are having 13 three year olds over for her birthday party/last day of school party. Saturday we have a graduation party and Sunday is Father's Day. Monday is Kathryn's real birthday and we are having friends and family over for pizza and cake. Tuesday Rich is taking the day off from work and we are all going to Canobie Lake Park (a local amusement park). I am tired just thinking about it.

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