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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Why do they grow up so very fast?

Guess who is 4?

I just can't believe that Kathryn is 4. It seems like just yesterday that I sat in the car in front of the hospital that warm June night. It wasn't until I went into labor that reality sunk in. I was about to be the mother of 2. Two babies under the age of 19 months to be exact. It didn't matter if I was ready because Kathryn was ready and made her appearance just 2 hours later.

Kathryn keeps me on my toes and is responsible for every gray hair on my head but she is my cuddly, big hearted girl and I cannot imagine our family without her.
Thank you sweet Kathryn for being such a great little sister and best friend to Lauren and a fantastic big sister to Zack! We love you!

Welcome to the world Kathryn Grace!

First winter

10 months old

First Birthday!

Kathryn and Mommy March 2006

Turning 2

Turning 3

July 2007

Starting preschool September 2007

Big Sister Kathryn! September 2007

Kathryn's first dance recital

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