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Friday, July 18, 2008

Swimming Lessons - week 2

Something just clicked this week for Lauren. Suddenly she is comfortable in the water and a lot more confident.

Today was the last day of swim lessons for this session and both girls were promoted from Guppies to Level 1. In order to move to the next level they had to meet the following criteria:
Blow bubbles with both mouth and nose i.e. 'talking' to the fish
Put ears in water i.e. 'listening' to the fish
Jump off the dock unassisted
Put chin in the water
Swim with face in water with support
Back float with support
Front float with support
Kick with support
Doggy Paddle unassisted
Participate in games
Play well with others

Kathryn did fantastic and met all of these goals. Lauren is doing even better than expected and is starting to swim underwater unassisted!!! Great job girls!

We have 2 more weeks of lessons and I can't wait to see how much more progress they make.

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