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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I love facebook

About a month ago I was contacted on facebook by a friend from high school. We hadn't seen each other since graduation 15 years ago (WOW, how could we be so old????)We sent some messages back and forth catching up on each others lives. Last week she sent me a message inviting me to lunch with 3 other friends from high school and their kids. They have kept in touch over the years so I was the odd man out. I cancelled all of our activities planned for today and drove down to her house.

I was SO nervous driving down there. I am 50+ pounds heavier than I was in high school and very self-conscious about the way that I look. Would we still have anything in common? I can't believe that I was nervous for even a minute. It was such a fantastic afternoon. The kids all got along great (and my girls have a crush on Johnnnnnnny, we told stories from high school and shared some great laughs. We found out that we all like to camp and talked about planning a group trip. I learned that 2 of them are going to the same amusement park 2 hours from here this weekend at the same time that we will be there. Several of us share the same hobby (scrapbooking). I was happy to find out that one friend lives just one town away and may move to my town in the future.

I can't stop smiling when I think about reuniting with this group of friends. Kasha, Amy, Julie and Stacy if you read this thank you for a fantastic afternoon! I look forward to many more play dates (and eventually get that group picture)!!

I love facebook!


~~Carrie Ann said...

Here's to old friends! Sounds like you had a blast!

Hey...your blog name is always at the bottom...I had no idea you updated recently! It's been fun to see your pictures and read up on you a little! That little boy is adorable! :)

Drama queens mum said...

That's great that you found some old friends. I found a bunch on Myspace. I'm on Facebook too, but never go on there.