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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy First Birthday Zachary John!

I just cannot believe that my baby is one. While I have had an emotional time with all of my babies reaching their first birthday, this one is the most difficult. Knowing that Zack is my last baby (and one that we traveled down such a long, hard road to have) is bittersweet. It is hard to remember a time when this smiley, funny and always happy boy was not here with us but at the same time it feels like he was just born.

At the same time that I celebrate the many milestones that he reaches everyday I am also mourning that my last baby is growing up. While I long for the day, well actually night when I get 8 hours of sleep I just want to hold onto this baby for as long as I can. I love his sweet baby smell, I love his cuddles and his big, wet sloppy kisses that he gives only to Mommy. It has been a long year for sure with colic, reflux and food allergies but my family now feels complete for the first time ever.

Ok, I am going to cry if I continue so let's talk about his party.

Since his big cousin Charlie just turned 1 last month we decided to have a joint birthday party. The photo invitation had a collage of photos of the boys and said "cuteness, it's a family trait!" and on the back said "double the giggles, double the fun, come help these cousins celebrate turning 1!"

I thought that it would be cute to get the boys matching 'Birthday Boy' hats. We put the hat on Charlie and he was fine. Zack did not like his and as soon as Charlie saw Zack's reaction he changed his opinion of the hat too. Could they be any cuter??

After he realized that Mommy wouldn't stop until she got the perfect picture he gave in.

After feasting on a huge meal of meatballs, stuffed shells, chicken, broccoli and ziti, salad, rolls and much more we cut into the enormous cake. Zack had his first taste of sweets and he dug right in!

We were overwhelmed by the generosity of our family and friends. Thank you!! I had joked that he didn't have any 'boy toys' but that isn't the case anymore. This little guy has lots of new toys to play with and a wonderful new wardrobe!

Opening presents with Mommy and Gramma

Trying out his new dump truck. LOL

Playing his his birthday twin, cousin and best friend for life Charlie!

He was one tired boy by the end of the night! Zack and Daddy catch a short nap.

Happy birthday to my sweet Zack!

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Drama queens mum said...

Happy Birthday Zach. I'm a little late. Sorry.