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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ice Storm Day 8

I continue to feel both blessed and guilty that we got power back as soon as we did (after 3 days) as 40% of my town is still without power.

The power still has not gone any further on my street than my house. The rest of the neighborhood is still in the dark. When you go outside all you can hear is the hum of generators. The neighbors around the corner were all rushed to the hospital 2 days ago for carbon monoxide poisoning due to a poorly vented generator. It was outside but too close to an open door. We are on day 5 of no school. I would honestly be shocked if there was school tomorrow. Winter vacation starts after Tuesday here but we are expecting a big snow storm on Sunday night so I have to wonder if there will be school on Monday. It is going to be a long winter. The state has actually said that they will waive the 180 days of school rule for some towns since this is a state if emergency. I was told yesterday that Derry has applied for this. http://www.wmur.com/education/18301833/detail.html

We are expecting 6+ inches of snow tomorrow and a 'big' storm on Sunday night. How much can this area take? My family is fine but there are so many other families with very small children that still have no power. Please keep everyone in your prayers that they get back in their houses before Christmas and without too much damage to their homes. The threat now is burst pipes due to the cold weather.

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