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Friday, December 12, 2008

Ice Storm

Our power went out at 10:30 last night.

Rich had to get up this morning and go to work as usual while the kids and I tried to stay warm. It was so dark in the house even in the middle of the day that we needed to light candles. We held out as long as we could but it was getting cold so we left this afternoon after 17 hours in the dark/cold. They are calling for a hard freeze tonight but hopefully there will not be any additional damage. It was a scary night last night as Rich and I were woken up at least 6 times by the sound of limbs crashing to the ground right outside our bedroom window. Thankfully nothing hit the house but we did lose part of our fence and a gorgeous flowering Japanese maple.

The food in my freezers were already starting to defrost so I threw a lot away. I filled 1 1/2 garbage bags full of food. I packed up what I could (mostly meat) in a cooler and brought it down to my parents house. The food loss could have been a lot worse but I was way overdue for a big shopping trip. We are staying at my parents house until the power comes back on.

The Governor is now saying that it could take until Wednesday for the power to come back on. I will loose my mind if we have to be away from home that long. Not to mention all of the stuff that I should be doing at home, making Christmas gifts etc.

We have never ever lost our power for more than 4 hours before.I just read this article from AOL.com about the hardest hit area. The first 4 pictures were taken in my town right down the street from my house. http://news.aol.com/article/massive-ice-storm-wallops-northeast/275693We are all safe and warm. I just hope that everyone else is ok too.

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