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Sunday, December 28, 2008

My friend Meg http://the5yearmiracle.blogspot.com/ and I met on our scrapbooking board. I remember thinking that she seemed really cool and someone that I would love to meet. I remember feeling so sad when she shared her story about her son Ian being stillborn. Little did I know that within a year we would share a lot more in common than scrapbooking.

After I lost Alex Meg was a wonderful comfort to me and we became very close. We shared a lot of emails and phone calls back and forth. When we drove to Virginia in December 2006 we stopped in Pennsylvania so that I could finally meet her in person. Just 2 weeks later she told me over the phone that she had just learned that she was pregnant again after 5 years of trying. I was honored to be the first one to know that baby Matthew was on his way. Little did I know that I would soon become pregnant with Zack.

Last year I was able to spend the weekend in New York with Meg at a Central New York scrapbooking retreat. I am already counting down the days until the spring when we can be roommates again.

Anyway, once again we met up with Meg for lunch on our way down to Virginia. I was so happy to finally get a chance to meet Matthew and her daughter Riley. I fell like I already knew them from all of her stories. Lauren and her daughter Riley hit it off right away. Lauren can't stop talking about Riley and she can't wait for her to come up and visit us this summer.

After a wonderful lunch we went and walked around The Bass Pro Shop http://http//www.basspro.com/ It was like a huge LL Bean and the kids just loved it.

We were too busy to remember to take too many pictures but I did get a few

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Meg said...

Aww Sarah what a wonderful surprise to read this on your blog!!

I love you girl! You're one of my favorite people and I'm counting down the days til New York!

Love ya. Me