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Friday, January 2, 2009

A Winter Walk

Today is our last full day in Virginia and we hadn't yet taken the kids for the walk that we promised them. A & S have woods behind their house as far as you can see. Their community has paths and bridges over the streams back there. At the end of the trail there is a community lake and playing fields.

We bundled up the kids and set out. It was an adventure from the get-go. As soon as we set out we were following a stream where the storm drain lets out. B spotted something in the water and S pulled out a woman's wallet from the water. It contained several id cards including a VA state license and a foreign ID card that looked like a miniature passport and also included fingerprints. He did some research when we got back to the house and it belonged to the daughter of a Diplomat and had been stolen form the private school in town a month before. They came over to pick it up and were very grateful for its return.

A short while later we spotted a football in the water and S went down to retrieve it. He fell in not once or twice but three times up to his shin. The air was in the low 40's and I can only imagine that the water must have been very, very cold. He ran home to change as we continued on our way.

My beautiful nieces and nephew

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