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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

365: Day 12 – Snow Day!

It worked!!!  It started snowing at midnight and didn’t stop about about 7pm.  We got a total of 18.3 inches.  The best part of the day was that for the first time ever Rich took a snow day with us.  They all spent hours outside clearing off the driveway and playing.  I was happy to stay inside where it was warm and take photos.


9AM – the storm was just getting started

Jan 2011 022Jan 2011 024


  10:35AM we were in the thick of it.  Rich went outside for sweep #1 of the driveway.

Jan 2011 025 Jan 2011 027

11AM – time to play in the snow!

Jan 2011 029 Jan 2011 030

Jan 2011 032

Helping Daddy shovel


 Jan 2011 033

The kids made a snow fort under the big pine tree


After a few hours inside to warm up and watch movies they headed back outside again.

 Jan 2011 037 Jan 2011 038 Jan 2011 039 Jan 2011 043  Jan 2011 046

I had to MAKE the kids come in.  They were soaked but they had so much fun.

Jan 2011 050 Jan 2011 054

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