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Thursday, January 27, 2011

365: Day 27 – Would you believe another snow day?

This was the snow day that almost wasn’t.  I was woken up at 5AM by a call from the school that reporting that there was a 90 minute delay.  I fell back asleep only to be woken up at 6AM by another call from the school that “due to an unfortunate situation regarding snow removal” that school was now cancelled for the day.  I love snow days but I would rather not be in school until the very end of June!  Oh well.

We started the day with homemade waffles and strawberries.  I forgot to buy strawberries, so we had to settle with frozen ones. 

Jan 2011 001

 Jan 2011 004

I don’t know how to operate the snow blower so I had to shovel the entire driveway by hand.  Zack was a big help.

 Jan 2011 007

Kathryn tried swinging but it doesn’t really work when the snow is piled up to the swing.

 Jan 2011 009 Jan 2011 010

Zack’s house and car were totally snowed in.


Jan 2011 015

The kids threw themselves into the snow bank along the driveway.  The bank is well over 6 feet on what is normally the flat, front lawn.


I love a lot of things about where I live but right now the sidewalk plow is one of my favorites!  After every snowstorm, this fantastic little machine comes by and plows our sidewalks. Jan 2011 020





Here is Lauren standing in a snow bank in the front yard – she is nearly up to the top of the front light!

Jan 2011 024 Jan 2011 025

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