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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Magic Kingdom – Tuesday Night

After the performance we were all really hot.  We spent a few hours in the pool and then we felt so much better.  We had planned to head into the park that night but Zack and Kathryn were tired so they stayed at the house with the Keevers.  It was a lot of fun to head into the park with just Lauren. 



disney 2011 791

Riding the tram from the parking lot.


 disney 2011 793

On the Monorail

 disney 2011 795 disney 2011 801 disney 2011 244

disney 2011 803

Lauren can’t resist hula hoops


 disney 2011 811 disney 2011 255 

On Aladdin’s Magic Carpets with Grandpa

disney 2011 251 disney 2011 253

We climbed to the top of the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse just as the sun was setting and we got the most amazing view of the castle.


We rode a few more rides before ending our day with the Electrical Parade.  

disney 2011 815 

Lauren was exhausted after a long day.

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Little Wonders' Days said...

Your pictures are great. We just returned from Disney. I LOVED how it tired the kids out!