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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday Morning at Magic Kingdom

The whole reason for this trip to Disney was so that Lauren could perform with her dance studio.  Tuesday was dance day so Lauren and I stayed at the house to get ready while everyone else spent the morning at Magic Kingdom.

It was Zack’s first time to a Disney park and he was so excited when he spotted the castle for the first time.

disney 2011 199disney 2011 200

disney 2011 182 disney 2011 202

They went on a few rides before joining us at Downtown Disney for Lauren’s dance

Jungle Cruise

disney 2011 197   

Splash Mountain

disney 2011 206 (2)  disney 2011 208

Haunted Mansion

disney 2011 206

Tom Sawyer Island

disney 2011 220 (2)

It’s A Small World

disney 2011 228 disney 2011 230

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