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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Blog Challenge #11

Blog Challenge #11 - April Fools'!


In honour of April Fools' Day (or All Fools' Day as it is also known), I'd love to hear your favourite April Fools' Day stories!

I forgot all about April Fool's Day until about 3:00 that afternoon so I didn't really try to pull off any jokes on anyone this year. There is one April Fool's joke that I will remember forever though. My mother and I are very much alike so I can imagine someone pulling the same joke on me with the same results.

I was about 8-10 years old at the time. That would have made my sister around 5 or 6and my little brother would have been 2 or 3. The family dynamic that I grew up in is not that different from my life now. My mother was a stay at home Mom with 3 small children while my father often worked 7 days a week to provide for us. Like myself, my mother's main priorities were taking care of her children. My mother was/is a much better housekeeper than I am but we both tend to get really stressed out when trying to get the house ready to entertain.

Although it happened 25 years ago I still remember that day vividly. My mother got a phone call from her mother who explained that since something had happened to her house (I can't remember that detail) that she had called her 2 sisters who were traveling into town and she told them to meet her at my mother's house across town for lunch instead. My Grnadmother told my mother that they would all be there in about 20 minutes.

I can still remember my mother's panic to get the house company ready in such a short time. She was running around the hosue and barking orders when my Grnadmother called back laughing and wish her a Happy April Fools Day. My Grandmother has always loved calling all 10 of her children on April Fools Day and playing jokes on them.

I look forward to the time when my kids are a bit older and I can play jokes on them.

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