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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Back to School - Day 2

Yesterday Lauren got off the bus and I had lots of questions for her; how was school? what did you do today? did you make any new friends? - pretty much the standard Mom questions.

Lauren looked up at me and said "Mommy, you asked me these questions every single day of preschool. Can you please stop asking me these questions now?" She asked in such a sweet, matter of fact way that I couldn't help but laugh. My response? "Nope, sorry honey. You had better get used to it because I will be asking these questions every single day for a LONG time.

By the way, she LOVES school and can't wait to go back. She just doesn't want to answer my predictable Mom questions.


CloverGirl said...

That's too cute (and it's exactly what I get from my kids)!!

I'm glad she loves school. The pictures of her first day are darling!

barrett.doyle said...

Dear Sarah,

What a gift this blog is! Your kids are exquisite, and it makes me smile to see how much you love being a mom.

I laughed out loud at your story about Lauren trying to get you to stop asking the same boring questions. Of course, I asked the very same questions of my kids day after day. I think only Mary was happy to answer to them.

Keep the photos and entries coming. Thanks very much for sharing all this with us. Your kids are very lucky.

Aunt Anne