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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of 'Big' School

My baby started kindergarten this morning! Today was truly bittersweet. I cannot believe that my first born is old enough to be at the 'big school' as she calls it but at the same time I might have been more excited than she was to start this next chapter.

Last night we read The Night Before Kindergarten by Natasha Wing (thanks again Melissa!) and then it was time for bed. Lauren had a rally hard time settling down because she was so excited. I asked her if she was a bit nervous and she said "nope, just really, really excited". That's my girl! She fell asleep with the book and the scrapbooker in me just had to take a picture.

We set the Hello Kitty alarm clock for 7:02AM. The plan was that I would get up earlier to shower and get myself ready before the girls alarm clock woke them up. Kathryn was so excited for her sister to start school that she woke her (and everyone else in the house) up just after 6:00. Both girls were dressed and ready for the day by the time they climbed into my bed this morning. They were so cute that I had to take a picture. Please ignore the terrible wallpaper, our bedroom is on the long list of house projects to be completed - oh the joys of living in an old house!

We created a Kindergarten Countdown about a month ago because Lauren would ask me every single day how many more days until school. Every morning she was very excited to see that she was one day closer to starting. She was so happy to see that big 0 this morning!

Lauren insisted on this backpack. It is as big as she is. Lucky for her she doesn't have to put books in it or she would fall over.

Can you tell she is excited? She couldn't even sit still all morning

The driveway has become our spot to take first day of school pictures and naturally the other 2 wanted their pictures taken too.

We walked to the bus stop with plenty of time to spare. Lauren begged me to let her take the school bus and since we are the second to last stop I finally agreed. We were so early that we were there for about 20 minutes before the bus finally arrived. We were thrilled to meet another family this morning that has a 5 year old daughter that was starting school today as well as a 4 year old daughter that will start with Kathryn next fall. They just moved in a month ago and live just around the corner.

The bus finally arrived and we watched Lauren climb those big steps. For just a moment I was overcome with emotion.

No time for tears, Kathryn, Zack and I jumped in the car and made it to the school in time to watch her get off the bus and help her find her teacher. Yes, that's right we put her on the bus and then met her there. LOL

Kathryn, Zachary and I then stayed at the school for a PTA sponsored coffee and we were greeted by Governor Lynch who was at the school to celebrate the first day of school. While we were there I was interviewed about my feelings on the first day of school by WMUR - the New Hampshire ABC affiliate. Today was a really big day in our small town as Lauren is part of the first ever public Kindergarten class here. Prior to this year the elementary schools started at first grade and kindergarten was only offered at private preschools or daycare. Other kids never even entered a classroom setting until the first day of first grade. While we will miss our wonderful preschool where Lauren had 2 amazing years we were very excited to start at the 'big school'. Rich and I am also personally thrilled not to have to pay the private preschool tuition for 2 kids again this year.

Lauren is now home and is wiped out. She says that she can't wait for the morning so that she can go back to school. I would say that the day was a total success!

Those of you who know me will not be surprised at all to hear that I am positively geeked about being a part of the PTA. (I can see all of you rolling your eyes at me!) I have already filled out all of the forms and paid my dues. I have all of the meetings already on my calendar and I can't wait to get involved.

Kathryn has her first day of preschool next week or stay tuned for more pictures!


MummyMaps said...

So, so cute. Made me feel sad that Lauren is already in school. On another note, she looked fantastic - amazing hair and outfit - really good job, mom :)!!! (I might need a little girl!) k

Laurie said...

LOL! you PTA geek, you! ;-) she's so cute and happy!!!! I can't believe she's going to kindy, either! Lars

Karen said...

Aww how sweet. Lauren looked adorable (Kathryn and Zachary too)!


amy said...

OMG, Sarah! She is just so dang cute. I am glad you were able to get such cute photos for her first "big school" experience. I hope she continues to enjoy her kindergarden experience.

Emmy said...

I cannot believe how grown up both of your girls are now. Great pictures of everyone!