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Friday, August 15, 2008

Day 4 - Kancumangus River

We left Storyland and stopped to take a short walk.

We turned around quickly when the sky got really dark. The sky really opened up with record amounts of rain with thunder and lightening mixed in. It was a cold, wet night and I don't think that Rich and I slept a wink. The kids all slept right through the storm as we had worn the out at Storyland. As soon as morning came we we grateful for a hot shower and dry clothes.

We headed out to the Kancamangus Highway. http://www.byways.org/explore/byways/2458/ The 'Kanc' is one of the most scenic roads in the country. From http://www.gonenewengland.about.com/:
New Hampshire's National Scenic Byway with the tongue-twister name--the
Kancamagus Highway--is New England's most superb scenic drive. You can call it
"the Kanc" for short, as locals do, and you can revel in the pure pleasure of
motoring through this thickly treed mountain gap, as more than a million
visitors do each year. The 34-mile road cuts an east-west channel through the
800,000-acre White Mountain National Forest. When the dense stands of leafy
deciduous trees exchange their summer greens for the dazzling shades of autumn,
they are illuminated against the immutable evergreen of their coniferous
counterparts, making this a most dramatic and beloved leaf-peeping route.
Motorcyclists relish the twists and turns as the highway climbs to nearly 3,000
feet at the peak of Mount Kancamagus. Easily accessible trailheads summon
hikers, and rocky swimming holes, carved by erosion, lure families craving
relief from summer's swelter.
We love all of the short hikes right off of the road.

A lake just a short walk from the river.
I am so glad that the kids enjoy this river as much as I do!

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