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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Kindergarten Homework

I'm working on my kindergarten homework.

Yup, that's right. I am working on homework tonight that the Kindergarten teacher sent home for me. What is it you ask? Why coloring of course! I am totally serious.

Lauren's teacher sent home a note to the parents that she needed some help and if anyone was interested in helping her with some projects that she would send a packet home with the students. I excitedly sent her off an email as soon as I could that I would be happy to help with anything. Today she sent Lauren home with 2 packets of about 10 pages each and a note asking me to please color them and send them back in. I couldn't stop laughing. These are short books that she photocopied and will be reading to the class so she wants them in color. Talk about pressure, I don't want to embarrass Lauren with poor coloring skills or coloring outside the lines.

I am loving this though and have my own package of brand news crayons, markers and colored pencils all lined up on the table.

I am such a dork.

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