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Monday, December 22, 2008

Brag on Kathryn

Rich's car was broken into last night in the middle of a near blizzard. The only thing that he had worth taking was his iPod Nano and the cables to use it in the car. The car was locked but it looks as though the seatbelt may have been jammed in the door not allowing it to close fully.

Anyway, Rich leaves for work really early in the morning so he called me to tell me about an hour ago. I kept saying "Oh, no that's terrible" and "oh, this really stinks". I got off the phone and Lauren wanted to know why I was upset. I couldn't think what else to tell the girls so I told them the truth and that I was upset because Daddy loved that iPod and was sad. Kathryn says "just go buy him a new one". I explained that I couldn't do that right now. Kathryn jumped up and said "I have a plan. I will change my letter to Santa and ask him for an iPod. Not a girly one but a boyish kind of one. Then when I get it on Christmas I can just give it to Daddy." Lauren added "and I will ask for all of the cables and I will give those to Daddy".

These girls are so sweet they kill me. What started off as a terrible morning has gotten better with the sweet loving gestures from my girls.

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