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Monday, December 21, 2009

August Recap


August 2009 005In August my little Binky boy decided that he didn’t like my rule about keeping them in his bed and snuck up to get one out anytime that he could.

August 2009 011

The girls take after their Daddy and got so tan from our daily trips to either the local lake or the neighbors pool.  See the pictures at the end of this post to see how much progress they made this summer.


We visited the local police station with our MOMS club.  Zack was out of his mind with excitement.  The highlight of the trip for everyone was when they got a real call and had to jump into the trucks and speed off.

   August 2009 034 August 2009 042 August 2009 055 August 2009 057


Playing mini-golf with Daddy

August 2009 079   August 2009 083 August 2009 084 August 2009 085


Eating watermelon, watermelon and MORE watermelonAugust 2009 087 August 2009 090 August 2009 102

At the beginning of the summer the girls wouldn’t go in the water without their swim jackets and they wouldn’t jump off the edge unless I was holding their hands the entire time.  They were decent swimmers by the end of last summer but 10 months without swimming (got to love New England) totally set them back.  This is the summer were their confidence and their ability finally meshed.  The are now swimming unassisted from one end to the other, jumping off the diving board etc.  YEA!

August 2009 105 August 2009 120 August 2009 131 August 2009 136 August 2009 137 August 2009 138 August 2009 140 August 2009 144 August 2009 148 August 2009 151 August 2009 170 August 2009 188


The end of the month kicked off Zack’s month long birthday celebration.  We had a joint 2nd birthday party for the 3 cousins; Charlie, Xavier and Zack.  Unfortunately Charlie and Will were sick and the Keever’s unable to come.  We missed Charlie at his own party. August 2009 265 August 2009 324

August 2009 273 August 2009 277

Zack and Xav had so much fun playing together and were so silly.August 2009 279 August 2009 280 August 2009 287 August 2009 306 August 2009 309

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