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Sunday, December 6, 2009



Geneva’s visit carried over into June.  Zack just loved having ‘Neva’ to play with.  I’ve going to have to convince his Daddy to get this boy a dog someday.

 June 2009 232 June 2009 233 June 2009 234

The middle of June brings us to Kathryn’s birthday.  She wanted a Hula Party so I made her a beach themed cake.  I’m not the best decorator but I thought that it came out pretty cute.

June 2009 664 June 2009 666 June 2009 668

Our family tradition is to take Kathryn’s birthday  off and spend a family day at Canobie Lake Park.  This year we were thrilled to have friends join us.

June 2009 771 June 2009 775 June 2009 790 June 2009 813 June 2009 873 June 2009 954

The end of June in our house means 2 things; Dance Recital time and the last day of school.

June 2009 1023 June 2009 1025

Lauren and Kathryn in their jazz costumes.

June 2009 1026 June 2009 1030 June 2009 1043

June 2009 1048

Family picture with their mother, grandmother and grandfather  and 2 great-grandmothers. 

The girls in their ballet costumes.June 2009 1049

 June 2009 1094 

The last day of school.


June 2009 1102

Please ignore the neighbors trashcan in the picture.  Otherwise I think that it is a pretty nice picture of our house.

June 2009 1103 June 2009 1105 June 2009 1107

LOVE this boy!

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