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Monday, December 28, 2009



November 2009 062

Lauren hosted her Daisy troop’s dog for a few weeks.  She was even able to bring him to school one day.


Lauren asked if she could once again have her birthday party at her dance studio.  We all love it there so it was more than ok with me!  The girls danced, had their nails done, got made up with rock star makeup, played games, learned the newest dance moves and more.  Lauren made it even easier for me by requesting a ladybug party.  She had one a few years ago so I incorporated several of the same ideas.

  November 2009 068

The birthday girl after her makeover

November 2009 076

The birthday cake.   I made a similar one a few years ago and I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was ‘off’ about this one.  I figured it out AFTER the party.  The head should have been black.  Grrrr  Oh well.  There was another tray of cupcakes too.

November 2009 109



November was also when all of the kids got haircuts, 2 of them drastic.  Kathryn got 5 inches cut off

November 2009 149 November 2009 172

Zack finally got a ‘big boy haircut’ and now all of his curls are gone.



November 2009 151 November 2009 153



 November 2009 165 November 2009 166

Lauren got a couple of inches off too

  November 2009 155November 2009 178

We also attended not one but several birthday parties at bounce places. 

 November 2009 259November 2009 192 November 2009 196 November 2009 199 November 2009 210 November 2009 236 November 2009 239

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