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Monday, December 28, 2009


I am slowly catching up.  I just want to get current so that I can start to share recipes and other stuff but for whatever reason I feel like I HAVE to do a brief recap for each month that has passed.  Bear with me, I’m almost done.


  October 2009 004 October 2009 005

Kathryn and Lauren getting ready for school one morning.


Pumpkin picking and apple picking.  While we were there we were interviewed by a local TV station.

October 2009 045 October 2009 048 October 2009 050 October 2009 057 October 2009 058 October 2009 060 October 2009 070 October 2009 074 October 2009 082 October 2009 084 October 2009 091 October 2009 110 October 2009 115


The month flew by as either Rich or I worked every nearly every night and every Saturday and Sunday in my Dad’s Halloween store.  I have never been so happy to see November!

October 2009 236

Lauren heading off to school for Sports Day


All 3 kids had Halloween parties at their dance/tumbling classes.  It was a great warm up before the big day!

October 2009 136 October 2009 143 October 2009 148

Zack and some of his friendsOctober 2009 152   October 2009 252

Lauren at dance with her BFF


October 2009 268

My beautiful daughters.  LOL


October 2009 273

The lazy and very fat cat

 October 2009 379

Zack loving on his Daddy at the elementary school Halloween dance

 October 2009 398

A blurry photo of some of our outside decorationsOctober 2009 399  October 2009 412 October 2009 414 October 2009 429

Some of the kids at our after trick or treating party with the neighbors.  It was record warm out that night.

October 2009 434

Lauren posing with her loot.


“Mommy now take another picture after I organized it.”October 2009 437

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