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Monday, May 3, 2010

Happy Easter!

The weather one Easter morning was amazing. A few years ago there was still snow on the ground and this year the girls didn't even need sweaters.

Once again the Easter Bunny was very generous. In addition to lots of candy, each kids got 2 new outfits, a new bathing suit and swim shirt, bubbles, jump ropes and more. Mamma and Bampa also filled big baskets for the kids.
For the first year ever the Easter Bunny hid the eggs outside since the weather was so mild. The Easter Bunny hid so many eggs that we invited the Smiddy's over to hunt with us.

As most of you know, I LOVE to take pictures. I also HATE to get my picture taken. As a result, I have very few pictures each year of myself in the kids scrapbooks. In an effort to get in more pictures I had Rich take photos of myself with each one of the kids. I don't think that the results are too bad.
Kathryn and I before she changed into her dress.

My lil' buddy and I (who I never got in to get that much needed haircut until after Easter)

Lauren and I

Lauren and her American Girl Doll in matching dresses.

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