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Monday, May 3, 2010

Maple Syrup Weekend

The last weekend in March was deemed Maple Syrup Weekend in New Hampshire. As everyone knows, NH and VT are famous for their maple syrup. At this time of year you can't drive more than a block without seeing tapped maple trees.

We had no plans on Sunday so we decided to teach the kids a bit more about our local history. We visited not one but two local Sugar Houses. We learned about how the trees are tapped, tasted the sugar straight from the tree and watched it boiled down to the product that we love to put on our waffles. One sugar house offered maple ice cream while the other had a huge spread of maple products for sale and to taste. The kids favorites were the maple candy and hot maple syrup on ice cream and we all loved the maple cotton candy.

There were even lots of farm animals to visit.

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