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Sunday, February 13, 2011

365: Day 43 – Keepin’ The Tooth Fairy in Business


Lauren has had a loose tooth for ever.  Like her Daddy, she is a bit squeamish about teeth so so doesn’t wiggle it often.  As you can see, her adult teeth are much, much larger than her baby teeth and they are pushing their way in.  I am dreading the impending Orthodontics for this child. This was tooth #6 for her.

Feb 2011 001

Kathryn also has a loose tooth.  She is much more impatient than her sister (gee, wonder where she got THAT from?  ahem).  Anyway, she can’t wait for tooth #3 to fall out.  She begged me to yank it out for her.  I finally agreed and we tied dental floss around the tooth.   Then came the moment of truth, it was time to slam the door.  I couldn’t bring myself to do it.  Her sister ran and hid in her room.   I had a moment of clarity and realized just what a bad idea this really was.  I tried to talk Kathryn out of it but I couldn’t.  She finally slammed the door herself.  No, the tooth did not come flying out.  Instead is it now crooked and out of place.  I am hoping that it falls out soon.



Feb 2011 004 


Feb 2011 005

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