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Friday, April 22, 2011

Disney Music


My kids are obsessed with music.  They love to dance and they love to sing.    The girls each have MP3 players and I took them and loaded them up with their favorite music.  I am really excited about this last little thing that I prepared for the trip.  I made them CD’s and songbooks with all of the lyrics to all of the classic Disney songs that they will hear around the parks and on rides.  They know almost all of these songs already as we have several Disney CD’s but  I put these on one CD so that they can either listen to it on the DVD/CD player or we can all listen to it as a family.  They are going to be really excited about having the lyrics in front of them so that they can sing along.  I also made ones for my nephews (who are joining us but sssshhhhhh, that’s a surprise too).

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Here is the playlist:

A Whole New World
From "Aladdin"
From "Song of the South"
From "Snow White and the seven dwarfs"
Be Our Guest
From "Beauty and the Beast"
Beauty and the Beast
From "Beauty and the Beast"
From "Cinderella"
The Bare Necessities
From "The Jungle Book"
I just can't wait to be King
From "The Lion King"
Hakuna Matata
From "The Lion King"
Under The Sea
From "The Little Mermaid"
Part of your world
From "The Little Mermaid"
Kiss the Girl
From "The Little Mermaid"
Poor Unfortunate Souls
From "The Little Mermaid"
Woody's Roundup
From "Toy Story 2"
You've Got a Friend in Me
From "Toy Story"
A Spoonful of Sugar
From "Mary Poppins"
From "Mary Poppins"
Let's Go Fly a Kite
From "Mary Poppins"
You Can Fly!
From "Peter Pan"
Following the Leader
From "Peter Pan"
I've got no Strings
From "Pinocchio"
When You Wish Upon a Star
From "Pinocchio"
Winnie the Pooh
It's a Pirates Life for Me (from Pirates of the Caribbean ride)
It's a Small World
Everybody's Got A laughing Place (from Splash Mountain ride)
Tiki Room
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Song



Wish us luck, we leave at 3AM tomorrow morning!!!

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