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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday – The Rest Of The Trip Down


Predictably, I was the first one awake the next morning.  Ugh, I hate never being able to sleep.  The kids woke up just after I did and they were so excited to see that the Easter Bunny had in fact tracked them down despite not being at home.


 disney 2011 008  

That smart Easter Bunny brought them things that they could use on our trip like flip flops, sunglasses, new movies for the ride home and light up Disney necklaces.  Is that a smart bunny or what?

disney 2011 011 disney 2011 012   disney 2011 015 disney 2011 016 disney 2011 017


We didn’t stick around long and we cleaned up, packed up, ate up and hit the road before 8:30AM. 


The 3.5 hours to Orlando flew by.  We stopped once for coffee and another time for gas but otherwise it was a straight shot down 95.

Just as we passed this sign:

disney 2011 018

Lauren piped up from the backseat.  She said “from now on, when we go to Florida, can we drive EVERY time because it is so much more interesting to drive then it is to fly”.   I have lost track of how many times I have told this story since we have returned home but I give myself a little pat on the back every time I tell it.  This made all of the hours that I spent planning the drive worth it.



The Stats: (we started on a near empty tank)

Location Amount of Gas Cost
Derry NH 18.5 gallons $70.00
New Jersey 17 gallons $63.00
VA 13.5 gallons $50.00
South Carolina 19.99 gallons $72.75
Florida 18.5 gallons $70.00


19 hours of driving on Saturday

3.5 hours of driving on Sunday

1300 miles total


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