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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Our Arrival

It was about 12:00 on Easter Sunday when we arrived in Kissimmee.  We went through a drive through to grab lunch for the kids so that they would give us a few minutes to unpack in peace.  We decided to try something different this trip and we rented a house instead of staying in hotel rooms.

We pulled into the driveway and saw our home for the next week.  My kids loved that the house was pink.

1555 Indian Oaks Trail

We were the first ones to arrive.  We had already decided that we wouldn’t lay claim to any of the bedrooms until everyone arrived that evening.  That was all fine until we entered the house and found a door that said:


 disney 2011 021

We opened the door and they squealed, ran in the room and claimed beds.  So much for waiting for everyone else to arrive.  lol

disney 2011 022 disney 2011 020

Then we went across the hall to “The Pirate Room”.

disney 2011 023  disney 2011 025 disney 2011 026

The dining room

disney 2011 027

The Living Room

disney 2011 028 living room

My bedroom

disney 2011 029 

My sisters room

disney 2011 030

The Master Suite

disney 2011 031

We had just started to bring our stuff in when the doorbell rang.  The kids flew to the door and were so excited to see their Grandparents. 

disney 2011 032 disney 2011 033

We went through the kitchen and out the back door.  The kids were thrilled at what they found

disney 2011 034 disney 2011 035 pooldisney 2011 036

The tour ended in what used to be a 2 car garage – it had been converted to a game room.

disney 2011 037

We spent the afternoon swimming, relaxing and unpacking.  My kids had no idea what surprise we had in store for them……

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