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Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Surprise

While we were driving down to Kissimmee, my sister and brother in law were surprising their kids with a trip to Disney.  They got on the plane just a few hours after the surprise.  There is a video clip on my facebook page but i can't seem to link it here.

The girls had overheard a few of my phone conversations with my sister over the past few weeks and they were suspicious.  Lauren had even asked me point blank if they were coming on vacation with us on 2 different occasions.  I was able to quickly change the subject both times.
By the time we arrived in Florida they had all but forgotten what they had overheard.
We were all hanging out by the pool when my father left to go pick up my brother and his fiancée from the airport.  The kids heard the car pull into the driveway when they returned and they ran out to greet my brother.   I hadn’t made it to the front door yet but Lauren poked her head back in the front door and said “I think that I see Uncle Chris in the car”.  I said “No silly, Grampa went to pick up Uncle John”.  Watch the video to see their reaction.

We went back in the pool for another swim and had a nice BBQ before getting the kids into bed.

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